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As an active writer myself, I am somewhat reluctant to take on ghostwriting clients because the scope of this type of project takes me away from my own work for so long.  Having said that, I would still consider a ghostwriting project if it makes sense for me and if I can work with someone who has a compelling story to tell.  At most I take on one ghostwriting client a year.

Some of the categories I consider ghostwriting include novels (very rarely and only if the story is one I can be passionate about) and book-length non-fiction manuscripts including autobiographies, true-life stories, and books on business and health topics. If you are unsure about whether I might be interested in a ghostwriting project, I would encourage you to contact me and let me know the background and particulars of the book you envision.

Usually a client would like to find a commercial publisher for the ghostwritten manuscript.

As with all of my major editing and writing projects on behalf of my clients, I will assist in developing a compelling pitch query letter to literary agents. I will also assist in compiling a list of agents appropriate for your manuscript.  (See Selling Your Book on this website.)  It’s also the case that some clients intend to “self-publish” the book for their own use — such as for their family or an organization.  I am happy to  write with either objective in mind.

You may want to spend some time taking a look at the About Your Editor link on this site to understand how my own background as a New York Times best selling novelist, journalist, and former corporate executive can be put to use in ghostwriting your book.

My fee for ghostwriting a short manuscript begins at $20,000. Again — as with the major rewrite — the fee depends on the scope of the project, genre, and your own specific requirements.  The fee for a full-length novel begins at $35,000.  Obviously, the fee will vary greatly depending on the amount of research I have to do and the length of the manuscript.  Before I begin a ghostwriting project, you will have a specific fee amount and delivery date.

Get in touch and we can discuss the possibility of our working together to see your vision for a book made real.  If I agree to ghostwrite your manuscript, you can be confident that I will apply the same energy and passion and creativity that I apply to my own best selling novels.

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