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Major Rewrite

Sometimes after you’ve finished the rough draft you realize that, despite all your hard work to produce a manuscript of several hundred pages, it just isn’t hanging together.  Usually you’ll know it yourself.  You know you have a killer concept or a story you’re passionate about or a fabulous non-fiction book that the reading public must see — but it’s just not working out on paper.

Frankly, making my “Big Fix” edits is beyond the capabilities of some new writers.  There are also times when you’ve completed the rough draft and simply don’t want to undertake the changes required for the “Big Fix” before the final line edit.

But . . . all is not lost.

I don’t do it very often, but I could agree to undertake a major rewrite of your manuscript.  I would explain to you exactly what needs to be done to improve the marketability of the book and we would agree on what changes I would make.  These are not small revisions, but major changes that substantially affect plot, character, writing style, or other major elements of a marketable manuscript.

Just as with my ghostwriting work, you will receive full and sole credit for the authorship.  The copyright and all financial rights will be in your own name.  The difference is — your manuscript will be a highly polished novel or non-fiction book given a complete work-over by a New York Times best selling author and ready to sent to literary agents and publishers.

As with all of my major editing and writing projects on behalf of my clients, I will assist in developing a compelling pitch query letter to literary agents. I will also assist in compiling a list of agents appropriate for your manuscript.

As you can imagine — since you have spent months toiling over the rough draft yourself — a major rewrite takes months of work (with three to five being typical).  My fee for a major rewrite begins at $15,000, and depends on the scope of the project, genre, and your own specific requirements.  Before I begin a rewriting project, you will have a specific fee amount and delivery date.

Copyright 2007-2010 All rights reserved by David Compton, including content, text, and images.
Copyright 2007-2010 All rights reserved by David Compton, including content, text, and images.
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