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Selling Your Book

Hereís a huge bonus for working with me:  when I either edit or write (rewrite/ghostwrite) your manuscript, Iíll help with the marketing.  For FREE.  Specifically, Iíll draw upon my 12 plus years in publishing to research and develop a list of six key literary agents to whom you should be sending a query letter with sample chapters of your manuscript, if a novel, or a proposal, if non-fiction.  I will also do one other thing for you:  draft the highly critical query letter that will be your vehicle to pitch your book.  Frankly ó if your query letter does not grab a lit agentís attention ó he will not even look at the rest of your manuscript.  Anyone can write a cover letter, but what you need is a query letter specifically tailored for you, your manuscript, and the lit agent youíre sending it to.  It doesnít matter how great your book is, you get one shot at an agent.  Donít blow it with a substandard pitch in a query letter and earn yourself a form rejection letter.

I myself am represented by one of the very top literary agencies in both New York and Hollywood.  Looking to my own successes ó itís no secret I've never been paid less then six figures for a novel ó you should be able to easily recognize the value of such a query letter, which is exactly how I got my start.

If we didnít have the pleasure of working together and you have a manuscript that you just need help getting published, I will be happy to develop a list of agents and draft the all-important query letter on your behalf.  The fee for this service begins at $700.

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