Going over these pages again using your notes makes my numerous rookie mistakes painfully clear. As I proceed it becomes increasingly evident that you were the right person for this job. I strongly doubt that any of the other editors I considered would have been anywhere close in value. Thanks for your good work.   (LV, California)

Your written critique has meant everything to me....Thank you for your pain-staking critique of my manuscript. I am very  pleased with the final product. You have saved me from the "demons"  and in the process taught me some great novel-writing lessons.   (LS, Connecticut)

I'm glad I picked you to edit this book. You've done a wonderful job.... I agree with your suggested changes.  In fact, after reading over everything for the first time, I'm a little overwhelmed -- which I suppose is a good thing.   (MW, Georgia)

Thanks for the valuable feedback.  Your critique is first rate. You did a fabulous job editing this novel.  It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot more than is taught in school.  The work ahead seems quite arduous but reasonable.  Thank you once again for a great seminar on how to write murder-mystery novels.   (CF, New York)

The attention you have given my manuscript plus your talent in writing, editing and coaching have laid a well lit path for the reader and applied a fine varnish to my manuscript that I will be forever grateful for.... You were God-sent!   (JS, Idaho)

I'm almost through one revision based on your notes. I have adopted 98% of your suggestions.  It's a much better book now than it ever was before. Thanks so much.   (SR, Washington, DC)

                 And from the same client as a reference:

I chose David over the others because he was clear in his materials just what he would do in return for the fees I would pay him.  I'm pleased to say he performed exactly as he said he would.  He has done everything he said he would and, frankly, more when the occasion called for it .... His comments (a few - very few --  which I did not agree with and did not adopt) were incisive, sometimes brutal, but accurate, and all considerably improved my manuscript when I followed them .... Although I initially considered David's fees high compared to the other editors I contacted, I have no doubt I received full value for my money.  If my novel is publishable, it will be due to David's careful editing and helpful suggestions.

All of your points are good ones and if I can execute the changes you suggest I am sure the book will be stronger. I needed your honesty as well as your time and you have been very generous with both.   (JZ, Phoenix)

I can't begin to tell you how vindicated I feel after our conversation last night. I was starting to ask myself if I was crazy to even dream so big. I hope we can do great things together. I'm a good student. (DW, New York)

I just finished going through all your hard work and I must say that the product is certainly more tight and crisp. I am grateful for what you have done. . . . It is a profound transformation... The editing turned out to be a course in writing for me and I suspect that I would have had little chance in getting it sold without your input.   (AV, North Carolina)

I thank you especially for providing fine teaching -- helping me begin to learn how accomplished novelists think and do. The book has changed mightily, thanks to your first ministrations; you will barely recognize it.  (RL, New York)

I like your style. You are funny and direct which suits me very well. Thanks again, David. I made a good choice. (BH, Ohio)

I think I said something to the effect: "Please, Universe, send me the perfect person to write this book proposal.  Someone who's Soul it would touch and who would understand the message and its importance."  I was impressed with your accomplishments and felt, since I picture myself and this book on the New York Times Best Seller List, that since you are already there you must be "Winner" and Bingo. Thanks a million. (AE, Arizona)

I also need to thank you again for all of the hard work you put into my manuscript. I learned a great deal from you and I will bring those lessons to my next project. You have been so great to work with. I always sensed that you were not too crazy about the manuscript but that did not stop you from working so hard on it and being supportive of me. I appreciate that more than you know. If you don't mind, I will keep you posted on this search for an agent and I may need to hire you again for my next project, if you're not too busy. David, thanks for hanging in there with me. I know that the novel will be 10 times better based on your advice.   (DR, Cinncinatti)

Following are a few testimonials from clients I have worked with on a wide variety of projects, including novels and non-fiction book-length manuscripts.

Copyright 2007-2010 All rights reserved by David Compton, including content, text, and images.
Copyright 2007-2010 All rights reserved by David Compton, including content, text, and images.
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